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23 January 2011

At www.artdaily.org January 22nd … Mexican archaeologists have discovered three Clovis projectile heads associated with the remains of a gomphotheres in Sonora. The animal is extinct, a species similar to the mammoths, but smaller. They are thought to have become extinct in North America 30,000 years ago – so it was a surprise to find Late Pleistocene tools in association with their remains. In 2008, at the same site in Sonora, gomphotheres bones were discovered with different lithic tools just lying on the desert surface – together with a quartz crystal Clovis point. Gomphotheres, however, have been found in South America associated with human artifacts in the Early Holocene. Clovis pooints have been found as far south as Costa Rica.

Indian Neolithic. At The Hindu of January 13th (see also www.stonepages.com/news/archive/004200.html )there is a story on the discovery of what is thought to be a Neolithic settlement, as well as earlier Mesolithic artifacts, dating between 4000-1000BC. Post holes on rocky outcrops are thought to be the vestiges of mandapas (pillared outdoor halls or pavillions).

Chinese Dinosaur Egg. A farmer in China discovered a pterosaur along with one of its eggs – which has caused a bit of a stir. These flying reptiles seem to have buried their clutches of eggs in the ground, somewhat like crocodiles. A paper in the journal Science January 2011 has the full story. A truncated version can be seen at www.nytimes.com/2011/01/25/science/25obegg.html?_r=2

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