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An Electric Comet

24 January 2011

This is another recommended web site from www.thunderbolts.info (see www.jmccanneyscience.com/CometHolmesSub_Page.HTM ). This is a web site of a scientist with time on his hands, one that hosts a weekly radio show on science in the USA. The story picked out goes back to 2007, and Comet Holmes. It suddenly flared up and became an extremely bright object a long way out from the Sun – and scientists were clearly perplexed. McCanney has previous with NASA so be prepared for some bile but as he claims the surge in brightness was caused by the comet moving into near perfact electrical alignment with the plasma tails of planets such as Mercury, Venus and Mars, it is worth reading. I won't comment on what he actually has to say – just visit the web site (but take a big snort of breath). 

Note … this link is flawed for some reason so to view article go to www.jmccanneyscience.com and simply scroll down, about half way, to you come to the Comet Holmes Sub Page link. Click and it will take you to the relevant information. McCanney appears to describe comets as small planets – or planets in the making, or unformed planets. See what you think he means

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