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Aboriginal Astronomy

8 February 2011

At www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/national/ancient-aboriginal-eyes-were-on-the-skies/story-e6freuzr-122600054584  Ther story comes from the Daily Telegraph of February 5th and concerns a pattern of stones laid out on the ground in a semi circle formation and according to CSIRO astro physicist Ray Norris they were aligned to map the Sun, and date back 10,000 years. If this is true the Poles could not have moved since the end of the Ice Age – but presumably the axis of rotation could have changed. No precise date for the construct has been made – and no doubt detractors may yet emerge to rubbish the astronomy. However, if we assume there has been a series of cosmic events, possibly going way back into the Pleistocene era, there is no reason why the Aborigines would not have been interested in the sky – and these rocks are preserved in the landscape simply because the Australian environment has been dry for the last 10,000 years (which suggests the dating is warranted).

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