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Ancient canals beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico

16 February 2011

Significantly, the story comes from an amateur investigator, presumably a diver, (see www.ancientcanalbuilders.com ) who claims he has found unnatural features on the sea bed at 60 sites off the coast of Louisiana, New Jersey, and Florida. He thinks they are channels, canals and harbours – and says there is a horseshoe shape with a circle inside. The features were drowned when sea levels in the region rose thousands of years ago – and he provides a map of projected sea level change over 20,000 years. In this instance he is thinking in terms of 8000 years ago, contemporary with the drowning of a large continental shelf system along the eastern coast of N America. The story was originally at www.mysuncoast.com a newspaper or news agency but the link once again moved – so I traced down the web site of the investigator which provides much more information.   

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