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536-45AD – volcanoes or cosmic debris?

22 February 2011

At http://cosmictusk.com/6th-century-wasteland-secret-volcano-or-cosmic-interaction/ George Howard is adding the 6th century AD volcano or cosmic event to his web site – beginning with two articles which can be downloaded. The first is by Mike Baillie, Proposed Re-dating of the European ice core chronology by 7 years which counters arguments by Larsen and Briffa (the tree ring specialist that fiddled temperature data in Siberia). They support, and wrote a paper, claiming an otherwise unknown volcano was responsible. The second paper is on climate variability over the last 2500 years – also based on tree rings. George Howard hopes to add more articles to build up a collection along the lines of the online articles he has on the Younger Dryas Boundary Event. People are free to join in the online discussion.

Meanwhile, at http://craterhunter.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/an-overview/ .. the blog author Dennis Cox has posted an article by Bob Kobres, well known to SIS, 'A Catastrophe of Comets'.

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