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Hide the Decline

24 February 2011
Climate change

At http://judithcurry.com/2011/02/22/hiding-the-decline/ … if you never understood what the fuss was about in 'hiding the decline' in the Climategate emails read this piece by a climate scientist fed up with the small number of other climate scientists who have exagerated the warming trend. The comments at the end of the piece are approaching 2000 in  number – she has bit the bullet and people are squirming on one side, and are elated on the other.

Meanwhile, Steve McIntire at http://climateaudit.wordpress.com has picked up on the deleted emails, also a feature of the Climategate cache, and discovered that Eugene Wahl did delete them but Michael Mann is still saying he did not, yet it was he that was given the task by Phil Jones of informing Wahl to do just that. Interesting development. Whether it will go anywhere is unclear as so much obfuscation by the various enquiries on both sides of the pond has smoothed over the problems and many people don't think any skulduggery has taken place – but we shall see.

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