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The Sun and global warming theory

23 March 2011
Climate change

There is a lovely post at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/03/22/does-solar-activity-have-to-keep-g… … basically, it has been assumed that solar activity was not trending upwards, a situation endlessly trotted out by climate scientists that had the goal of negating solar activity as a cause of the 1990s/early 2000s spike in global temperatures. It was said that solar activity had reached equilibrium – and this post is an attempt to understand what lies behind the concept, an issue that allowed climate scientists to claim the increase in global temperature had to be down to another factor rather than the Sun. This idea is still regularly repeated over and over again – late 20th century warming was not due to the Sun. It really is a fact, as hard to believe as it will be, that climate scientists assumed equilibrium was reached before the recent warming episode – which meant, in their lopsided way of thinking, that C02 was to blame. The post proceeds for 16 pages and I will not try to repeat what it says – and this is the first of several the author, Alec Rawls, intends to make. The conclusion is that recent warming could very well have been due to solar activity – not C02. This in turn explains the cooling over the last couple of years – coinciding with reduced solar activity. Logical?

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