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Solar cycle 24 is gathering pace … and invisible cosmic objects

17 April 2011

NASA is saying solar cycle 24 is finally on (see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/04/15/watched-solar-cmes-never-boil/ ). In 2008 sun spots disappeared and flares subsided and there was lots of ink spent on the quiet Sun. Three years later and the Sun has rumbled back into life – and aurora are being seen across the top of the world once again. 

Over at the Modern Survival Blog (modernsurvival [at] comcast [dot] net) we are told that recent conspiracy theories that have surfaced have their origin in technological limitations. The idea of Planet X has been back in the news and this is because the WISE mission has discovered an anomaly – asteroids and objects in space that are too cold to be captured by imaging processes and modern telescopes. Absolute Zero is defined as in the region of -273 Celsius, which is a bit chilly around the ears. However, it emerges that IRSA imaging was capable of seeing objects that cold but towards the end of the mission was out of the cooling capability and this left a mysterious blotch that has since metamorphised on a number of blogs as Planet X – or something even worse. It is a simple failure of technology that has been projected into something sinister.

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