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The Ozone Hole – an early manifestation of Global Warming doomsaying?

20 April 2011
Climate change

The environmentalists extravaganza over the so-called ozone hole in the 1970s and 1980s led to the banning of an efficient refrigerant that was replaced by an inefficient one – and millions of pounds of western subsidies found their way to countries such as China. For example, CFCs enabled one to locate a freezer in the garage if space was limited but this is not advisable with the new refrigerants hoisted on to the consumer by the green lobbyists. It all went quiet for a number of years as environmentalists switched tune and began the long-winded process of hyping AGW. Now, with global warming rocking on its heels as a result of internet blogging the ozone hole is back in the news – but this time the tale is not going to be unmolested. No amount of environmentalist spin is going to hyper ventilate this story again as the blogs are on the doomsaying as it gets lift-off – which just goes to show how easy it was for environmentalists to obfuscate the evidence in the past. It seems the ozone hole – which is not actually a hole but a thinning process, has been with us all the time and the hole only became known about when satellite data became available. Millions of pounds of good money were wasted on what was a non-problem, or this is the general gist of the blogs remarking on the current doomsaying that the ozone hole has re-appeared over the Arctic (coinciding we may note with some remarkable activity on the Sun). See http://bishophill.sqarespace.com/blog/2011/04/20/ozone-hole-is-back.html and http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/04/05/arctic-ozone-hole-in-march/ for the kind of sceptic reception this latest scare has produced. It is rewarding to read some of the comments, particularly to the Bishop Hill posting.

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