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Oil Leaks

22 April 2011
Climate change

Oil leaks into the oceans all the time – naturally. Pierre Gosselin at http://notrickszone.com a German blog, asks 'Where is the Oil? Deepwater Horizon one year later' – it seems bacteria have been feasting on the crude. The day before, April 21st, he has a spat about the five worst environmental disasters that never actually happened – in spite of the hype of doomsayers of the day. This makes you wonder about the hysteria generated over Deepwater Horizon, which had an air of irrationality inherent within the doomsayings of the day. What actually might have been the real motive and who was trying to put a spoke into the oil industry? It wouldn't be people with big investments in renewables now would it – as greens are holier than thou. It might be the same people who pumped millions of dollars into propaganda that opposed the development of the tar sands of Alberta in Canada – and it is quite easy to find out who they might be via the internet. Be that as it may we also know a lot of propaganda and dollars are being thrown around in an effort to stop the fracking process – the ability to get natural gas out of shale deposits. It is becoming too predictable, especially when it comes to keeping the global warming doomsaying on song when the science has been flushed into the ether. 

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