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The Meaning of Vedas

6 May 2011

At www.themeaningofvedas.com is a web site set up by Ravindra Godbole after he wrote a book with the same name. This is excellent and falls perfectly into the Taurid complex story as outlined several years ago by Clube and Napier and it is recommended members visit the site and look at what he has to say. It is also just what is required to move the catastrophist agenda forwards as it involves Indian research and scholarship. What we now require is a Chinese uptake of the same theme to see what might emerge. We already have quite a bit of information about the Americas but sadly lack anything of consequence from Africa – which is a pity. We also know that South East Asia was a much larger area of land up until 6000BC but folklore has perhaps been lost as a result of uptake of modern religions in the region. I am in the process of reading The Meaning of Vedas and will report back.  

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