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Biogas … the latest green dream going bottom up

19 May 2011
Climate change

The story is at http://notrickszone.com May 19th, 'German Biogas plants produce deadly botulism – could be catastrophic to wildlife' – the wildlife element comes in as the story was blown by a shooting and country magazine. It seems the push to produce green electricity via biogas is looking hazardous. The lid has been kept on the subject for 10 years – by politics and by environmentalists. In fact, German ministers planned to increase the amount of agricultural land to grow corn for the biogas plants to 6 million acres in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster which had an extraordinay effect on the German government – cancelling nuclear power station projects. The bad press for nuclear meant a green light for renewables – including biogas production. The story claims that a biogas plant in Saxony was responsible for an outbreak of botulism that affected cattle, humans and wildlife (such as birds and the kind of things shooters may target). Apparently, the authorities have known about this for a long time but it has been politically expedient to pretend it wasn't happening. The poisoning appears to be slow but chronic.

At the same blog Pierre Gosselin takes issue with the climate scientists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (high in the alarmist league) and their apparent ambition to reduce global population from nine to one billion people. This is interesting only in so far as we can see the hidden environmentalist agenda somewhat more openly than shall we say NGOs that are more prominent in the public eye. AGW may well be a means to an end. Radio phone-in's regularly pick up people concerned about growing population in the less developed world – but scientists?

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