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Eocene – tropical jungles thriving in what are now temperate zones

6 June 2011

At www.physorg.com/print226319418.html is a report on a paper in the journal Science (June, 2011) that focuses on the Antarctic Circumpolar Current as a cause of the assumed global cooling 38 million years ago that led to the icing over of the southern continent. Up to this point, it seems, tropical jungle thrived in what is now the US Midwest, and Antarctica was temperate – with large numbers of marsupials. Was it still joined to Australia?

As Pole shift is regarded as pseudo-science and is heavily frowned upon the scientists are forced to assume the global climate was much hotter than it was after 38 million years ago, and looking around for something to blame for the eventual freezing of the Antarctic they have, it seems, latched on to the ocean current that circulates around the continent, assuming that one it came into being, somewhat miraculously, the climate became progressively colder. How much easier to look at it from a detached point of view and see the ocean current system changes as a 'result' of geological change rather than the instigator of them.  

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