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Volcanoes and earthquakes

6 June 2011

At www.physorg.com/print226459407.html there is a report on a volcano in Chile that erupted on June 4th. A rift, 6 miles by 3 was torn out of the surface of the earth. The volcano lies 40 miles away from some magnitude 5 earthquakes which may indicate a tectonic origin for the volcano – and the volcano was again active on the 5th and 6th. Piers Corbyn, at www.weatheraction.com/displayarticle.asp?a-350&c=5 has suggested a link with a 10 meV proton burst on the Sun, as well as tornadoes in Massachusetts and Saskatchewan and wild winds in Montreal. Corbyn has previously predicted (late May) a wet summer in the UK and it seems that we might be moving in that direction. In addition, there was a 5.5 magnitude EQ in Christchurch New Zealand on June 6th. One commenter toys with the idea that solar winds become terrestrial winds once they hit the lower atmosphere of the earth, citing tornadoes and high winds in northern Seden over the last few days. Whilst Corbyn is providing a rather big window for his predictions at the moment – earthquakes in any part of the world, and volcanoes as well, and including tornadoes and other extremes of weather such as storms and torrential rain, it is a theory that is under development and more precise predictions will come in the course of time. The connection between big solar flares and weather and tectonic events on earth appears to be fairly sound, if not exactly precise in a geographical sense. What link there might be with the Electric Universe theory is a moot point but it seems clear plasma has a role in climate – and must have played a role in the historical past. What I find interesting in this respect is the Claude Schaeffer and Amos Nur hypothesis that earthquake storms broke out at significant points of time in the ancient past – contiguous, for example, with low growth tree ring events, C14 plateaus (or injections of C14 into the atmosphere) and evidence of climatic anomalies, specifically at the end of the EB, MB and LB eras in the ancient world. What sort of solar flare would it take to cause an earthquake storm that broke out across a very large area of the globe? Could cometary phenomena, or bits and pieces interacting with the atmosphere, also generate an earthquake storm? 

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