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Convergence July NPA Conference updates

8 June 2011

At www.thunderbolts.info there is a page now on the NPA conference and details of what is hoped to be the agenda.

  • Wal Thornhill will address star formation,
  • Dave Talbot the electric sun, and
  • Wal Thornhill will appear again to speak on electric comets.
  • Tom Findlay will discuss the core science at the heart of the electric universe model,
  • Jim Johnson discusses the forthcoming Essential Guide to the Electric Universe
  • Michael Gmirkin, well known to readers of Thunderblog, will discuss earth-sun connections,
  • Robert Johnson the speed of light,
  • Tim Erney on Saturn's electrified hexagon based on a pinched plasma column, and
  • Rens van der Sluijs will also speak – on the hidden history of plasma science
  • Dave Talbot speaks again, on the effect of heliospheric currents both now and in the past
  • Ev Cochrane revisits Venus as a cometary body
  • Dwardu Cardona discusses the Earth's Primeval Polar Heat
  • Michael Steinbacher questions mountain formation
  • Nicholas Sykes sees educational challenges posed by the Electric Universe

Sounds like a well rounded menu. Stephen Smith will also be present, editor of the Thunderbolts 'Picture of the Day'.

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