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Ogres and Dire Warnings

13 June 2011
Climate change

Recent AGW prognostications attempt to link every extreme weather event, volcano, or heat-wave – even out of season snow pack in North American mountains and June snow fall on the summit of Snowdon in the UK, as proof of global warming (disruption). As ludicrous as this obviously this it is going on – in shrill tones and a hectoring manner. It is quite reminiscent of pagan Roman reaction to the rise of Christianity. They saw the latter as the fount of all their problems – and there was some strange weather and a host of volcanoes and earthquakes and plagues in the 3rd century AD = and that was the fault of this upstart religion. Orosius, in defence of Christianity, wrote a tract cataloguing a further bout of 'catastrophes' prior to the emergence of the Christians in order to defend what he felt was Christian innocence in respect of the natural world. This is a bit like Steven Goddard's blog at http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com which has catalogued extreme weather events prior to the late 20th century – when AGW is supposed to have run riot so dramatically. Tornadoes in 2011 – there were bigger ones in the past. Floods in Australia – there are records of floods ever since the Botany Bay colony. Volcanoes – an earlier eruption of Nabro in the 19th century spewed fire and ash over shipping in the Red Sea (and so on). Facts are facts – aren't they?  

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