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When scientists and the powers that be get miffed by the little people

23 June 2011
Inside science

An interesting story at www.physorg.com/print227783739.html where scientists working on genetic modification and improved seed research associated with the 'green revolution' in the hope of inventing the Mark 2 version have pubicly criticised a spot of down to earth on the ground and get your hands dirty bit of homespun improvised rice growing improvements that began life in Madagascar under the auspices of a priest. Apparently, by using common sense they have found a means to increase rice yields and so much so the method was taken up by the World Bank and NGOs such as Oxfam and disseminated to small farmers elsewhere in the rice growing countries. True, it is all about good husbandry and not another green revolution – and it is not going to feed an increasing population to any great degree. I suppose it is the fear of scientists that their work will end up sidelined or funding will dry up – but global population is still rising. 

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