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Sea Floor Strips

5 July 2011

Musings from the Chiefio, July 4th 2011 (http://chiefio.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/why-does-the-sea-floor-move-in-s… … EM Smith looks at consensus theory on sea floor spreading, mainly in the Pacific as he lives in California, and finds some apparent anomalies. This is a not a serious study of sea floor spreading but the blog author just playing around with an idea. He therefore does not reach a firm conclusion – merely points out that the sea floor itself may move, in pieces, but not necessarily in a uniformitarian pattern. Magnetic stripes on the ocean floor are supposed to be proof that the Americas is being apart from Europe and Africa, at the seam which is the Mid Atlantic Ridge. However, in California the movement is not uniform as volcanoes are active in Washington (to the N) and in Mexico (to the S) but not in the middle – the Garlock Fault. This fault line was last active in 1050AD and 1500AD, he says – and immediately my attention was drawn. The first date appears in Mike Baillie's New Light on the Black Death as an anomalous tree ring/C14 intrusion in that one single year (presumably as a result of a cosmic event of some kind) while 1500AD is associated with a mega-tsunami wave in Australia (Ted Bryant).

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