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Speaker Meeting in September – addition

3 August 2011

Robert Johnson, 'Evidence for the Anisotropy  of the Speed of Light' is available for download in pdf format at www.worldsci.org/pdf/abstracts/abstracts_6255.pdf

Bob Johnson spoke at the recent Maryland EU conference in July and will give a talk at the upcoming autumn speaker meeting in Luton (replacing Peter Warlow who is seriously ill). The article is based on Peter Beckman's book, 'Einstein Plan Two', Golem Press:1987, a model in which the speed of light is measured with respect to the local field, rather than to the observer. The local field can be either the gravitational field or an electro-magnetic field. A big difference to the Einstein model for an earth bound observor is that in the Beckman model the earth's rotational velocity will cause the observor to move relative to the frame of reference in which light travels whereas in the Einstein model light always has a fixed velocity with the observor. He then goes on to look at the Beckman model from the perspective of the Electric Universe. Attendees might well familiarise themselves with the gist of the downloadable paper (above) before the meeting as a question and answer session is also on the agenda. Interested non-members (of SIS) might like to approach SIS for further information.

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