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Climate on the blogs this week

9 August 2011
Climate change

Sceptic blogs have been gnawing away at the discovery that some of the leading phone hackers from the mainstream media were hired by the University of East Anglia to indulge in a bit of damage limitation after the Climategate email leak, presumably in order to hack the phones of likely suspects. The fact the source of the leak has never been disclosed almost certainly means it was internal – and the university hired a PR company led by personalities closely involved in the recent hacking rumpus. Now a connection with the Guardian has been found – a leading journalist of that newspaper has even admitted he has been involved in hacking phones in the past. However, the gloss is added that it was okay as he only hacked the phones of political opponents and their allies. While it is clear there is and has been a political agenda at the heart of the hacking 'boring to tears' manufactured crisis, or the drama on a tin plate, the hiccup in a thunderstorm is not set yet to go away. At www.wattsupwiththat.com/2011/08/06/mcintyre-from-climategate-to-guardian… has the story but so do Bishop Hill and Climate Audit and many other blogs I have not looked at. Enough is enough. However, it does show UEA was desperate to find the perpetrators of the leak – so why has it all gone quiet. Suspicions of an inside job are mounting.

By far the best post of the week is on the German blog (in English) at http://notrickszone.com/2011/08/08/joe-bastardi-calls-manmade-co2-global… which puts it all in a nutshell – but there is a problem. The fraud is so obvious anyone can see through the scam – so what is the real agenda? Joe ask, how do these people get away with it (see graphs and diagrams of c02 levels in comparison with actual temperature – not the projected temperatures of the models). Its mind boggling he adds.

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