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Some Thunder Bolts

21 August 2011

There are some interesting posts over at Thunderbolts. For example, www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2011/arch11/110819.flood.html is about water on Mars – was the erosion caused by water or some other process? At www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2011/arch11/110818.doubt.html is about the doubt expressed by some mainstream scientists in the existence or otherwise of dark matter – is it real, or not?

At www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2011/arch11/110817.tsunamis.html is a post by Peter Mungo Jupp, an SIS member, on the formation of Port Phillip Bay at Melbourne in Australia. He adds some Aboriginal story lines involving some kind of catastrophe that includes earth tremors, tornado force winds, and the sea swamping the land (or what had been dry land but is now the bay). In doing so he makes use of Gavin Menzies missing Chinese junks and Ted Bryant's Maori tales of tsunami waves, which may or may not be connected.

At www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2011.arch11/110815.mountains.html is a post by Rens van der Sluijs on plasma mythology. In this instance it is centred on a French savant, one Jean-Jaques d'Ortous de Mairan, 1678-1771. He lived during a period of reputed low sun spot frequency, a Little Ice Age extreme, and its aftermath – and presumably auroral phenomena was not uncommon. It occurred to the French savant that auroral phenomena may lie behind some of the stories of the ancient Greeks – particularly those involving Mount Olympus and the Gods. As such the mountain, in fact any mountain or elevated ground on the horizon, may have given substance to the idea the Gods on occasion visited the Earth. Now, Rens claims that in the early first millennium BC there was more than normal auroral activity – and Gods dancing on mountains was not just a feature of Olympus but could be seen from the Levant as light phenomena above the Taurus Mountains of SE Anatolia. Its another question as to why those mountains were associated with a bull but the theory requires heightened auroral phenomenon in order to be a visible feature of the sky in the Mediterranean world.

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