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7 September 2011
Inside science

There is a fun post at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/09/07/frozen-global-warming-research/ a post by Willis Eschenbach, in a dry style. It seems that because of faith in AGW the Americans did away with their ice breaker fleet some years ago. At some later point they found they needed an ice breaker in order to bring in supplies for their team of scientists studying the effects of co2 on the Antarctic ice sheet and hired one from Sweden – and this has been the situation for the last few years. The South Pole base camps  are occupied year round and it seems they use an awful lot of fossil fuel to keep them warm and operate their equipment and lighting system. This amounts to the major component of their supplies – and without fossil fuels they would die. Now, the sheer irony of a group of people studying AGW in the hope of doing away with fossil fuels needing the stuff as a matter of life and death, gets better as the Swedes have had problems in the Baltic during winter months in the last few winters, sea ice blocking the sea lanes that criss-cross the Baltic. So, they have asked for their ice breaker back – whcih left the Americans with a problem. Apparently, the situation has been resolved as they are going to hire a Russian ice breaker this year.

Over at www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2011/09/did-antarctica-yield-the-remnants-…? .. the piece is derived from New Scientist and follows research by scientists in Antarctica looking for evidence of the early solar system.  It is thought that rocks on the frozen continent suggest the detonation of a proto planet with the earth as mineral analysis revealed a large concentration of  feldspar – so much of the stuff it was was thought it had an extraterrestrial origin. 

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