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On the Pulse

24 November 2011

Are pulsars giant permanent magnets? is the question being asked at www.physorg.com/print241178052.html with an image of a jet of plasma being ejected from on of its rotational poles – described as radiation. When the beams of material (radiation or plasma) are aligned towards the Earth instruments detect a pulse, hence what is otherwise known as a Neutron star is known as a Pulsar star. How do the magnetic fields of pulsars form and behave? It seems a new theory is suggesting pulsars are permanent magnets and surprisingly stable.

At www.physorg.com/print241183544.html is a piece on supernovae events and at www.physorg.com/print241276015.html it is the limits physicists are prepared to place on dark matter/ dark energy, while at www.physorg.com/print241258078.html physicists ask, did neutrinos really crack the speed of light?

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