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Climategate 2

27 November 2011
Climate change

Another batch of emails has been released that add to and provide clarity to those emails released in 2009 shortly before the Copenhagen 'climate' feasting event. There is now another huge batch of emails trapped in cyberspace that cannot as yet be opened until the person responsible for the leak provides the password. The latest batch coincides with the upcoming Durban binge where the weather should be more agreeable than it was in Copenhagen – who can forget those fortuitous snow storms. However, by luck it seems the Durban conference is about to coincide with a return of snow and blizzards to western Europe – as forecast by Piers Corbyn over at www.weatheraction.com/displayarticle.asp?a=394&c=5. Apparently, the cold weather has been delayed by that very large filament on the face of the Sun, bringing us welcome warm weather through November. So far, the most obvious feature of the emails is the collusion between environmentalist organisations, a clique of climate scientists, and mainstream media (newspapers and television and radio) all well oiled with greasy PR characters and outfits. A good piece on the motives of the leaker and what he has in mind with the batch protected by a password – or a series of passwords, can be read at http://thepointman.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/some-thoughts-and-some-new-q… written by a computer specialist who understands the hacking process but is certain tht in this situation it is whistleblower that is annoyed with the way the AGW message has been hijacked and millions of the poor are at threat from the consequences of 'the cure'

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