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Alfred de Grazia is still buzzing – at 90 years and climbing.

1 December 2011

The Quantavolution Conference in 2011 took place in October, in Athens (see www.qconference-athens-2011.grazian-archive.com ). Speakers included our very own Trevor Palmer, one of our favourite speakers, Mike Baillie, as well as Amanda Laoupi, Vladimir Rubtsov, and Flavio Barbeiro (who has contributed to SIS). Subjects ranged from doomsday cults, the 2300BC event, extraterrestrial impacts, Celtic myths and comets, plagues, advanced civilisations, sanskrit and ancient Greek gods in heaven with similarities to comets, and volcanic landscapes in the Mediterranean. The papers can all be downloaded to read or print out.

Vladimir Rubtsov is the author of The Tunguska Mystery, and is the only book written in the English language that is based entirely on Russian research – after all it happened in Siberia (go to www.tunguskamystery.info)

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