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Mercury – and polar wandering

25 March 2012

Mercury is throwing up some surprises according to a paper in Science – see www.physorg.com/print251643931.html. For example, it has an iron core that comprises approximately 85 per cent of the planet's radiance. Mercury's mantle and crust occupy the outer 15 per cent. The authors also speculate that polar wandering has taken place on Mercury – something out of bounds as far as the Earth is concerned. They even mention redistribution of mass – reshaping the geoid.

Meanwhile, at www.physorg.com/print251636246.html there is another abstract of a paper from Science (March, 23rd). The issue discussed is the lithosphere/asthenosphere boundary beneath the Pacific Ocean. Abrupt change can occur it seems and all is not as the consensus on Plate Tectonics would have you believe.

While at www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/03/120322131351.htm  … geologists discover a new kind of landform – on Mars.

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