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The solar system barycentre

13 April 2012

Tall Bloke's Talkshop 'Some Toughts about the solar system barycentre' is a subject periodically aired on this web site and has attracted some interested commenters from other blogs and other worlds – see http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/some-thoughts-about-the-solar-…. It begins by informing us that the barycentre is a taboo subject in many places, mainly because of excessive claims and obsessions, stirring up the jungle. Tall Bloke is not just referring to orthodox astro-physicists but to some of the commenters he attracts, so much so that Anthony Watts banned the subject at his blog. Steve McIntyre wasn't very happy at the maelstrom the subject unleashed. In this post by Tim Channon he seeks to understand the Sun and the way it orbits – or is affected by the other planets. He found that in 1815 and 1991 the barycentre was very near to the centre of the Sun. In 1815 the Sun came out of a deep slumber and in 1991 it was the peak of cycle 22. Jupiter and Saturn influence barycentric motion – see www.publish.csiro.au/nid/138/paper/AS06018.htm but contrary evidence can be found at www.landscheidt.info/?q=node/173. It seems that Landscheidt's theory does not involve planetary tidal action but the movement of the Sun around the barycentre of the solar system forces changes in angular velocity affecting the Sun's spin momentum. Landscheidt uses a method involving the golden section as a general cosmological constant for his htheory rather than chaotic planetary motion. It leads to imprecission but improves long range forecasts. In 1988 Landscheidt predicted a weak sun spot cycle after cycle 23 – we are currently in cycle 24, which is weak

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