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The Medieval Warm Period – a ticking bomb?

2 May 2012
Climate change

At http://notrickszone.com (May 2nd) we had the news a few days ago that the medieval warm period has been found in southern Europe and climate scientists that have insisted it was a purely NW European phenomenon have been telling the proles porkies. At http://phys.org/print255068850.html … a new technique for reconstructing paleo-climatic data has been applied in the Antarctic and has picked up on a fairly recent climate fluctuation, the medieval warm period. The Hockey Stick model is supposed to have put this idea to bed, in spite of all the evidence accumulated by HH Lamb in the mid 20th century. No apologies for disinformation disseminated in the 1990s and 2000s should be expected – the CAGW camp never admit they made a mistake, ever – but what of that Hockey Stick model – a fabrication?

This one is not a joke even though it may read like one – politicians are deluded, in a variety of ways, but this takes the biscuit. People in important places in New Zealand are apparently worried about how much co2 might be produced in the wind of farm animals – and there are more sheep in New Zealand than people, several times over, perhaps. They have been thinking of penalising farmers through taxes on the amount of methane their farm animals produce but apparently they have now gone one better and are actually researching ways and means of reducing the farting abilities of the ruminants. It seems the guilty consciences of the CAGW troubled are convinced it is necessary to reduce the wind emitted from the ruminant stomachs. As agriculture is the number one export industry of New Zealand we may wonder what the implications from all this might be. How might their farmers fare if higher prices are imposed as a result of higher taxes and costs at the farm gate? Will people around the world be so eager to buy frozen meat that is more expensive than other sources – just to appease some green god. Apparently, the goal is to find a vaccine to reduce the amount of ruminant methane released into the atmosphere – but does anyone want to eat doctored New Zealand lamb, liver or butter etc.? Wonder what the voters think?

Finally, an amusing composite based on two graphs by a famous climate scientist – illustrating the extent temperature data has been manipulated in the vain attempt to prove global warming is still a fact of life. Real observations have been discarded in favour of a concocted one – see http://i31.tinypic.com/2149sg0.gif

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