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8 May 2012
Ancient history

Mention this place and one is immediately reminded of Eric Von Daniken, if one is old enough of course, and ideas of gods in spaceships, aliens on Meso-american carvings and inscriptions, and the like, visiting the Earth and impregnating 'backward' humanity etc and so on. Tiahuanaco has popped up at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2012/04/30/tiwanaku/ where we are told the C14 dates assigned to the city are somehow in error as they only indicate Tiahuanaco was active 3700 years ago. It seems a La Paz professor claims Tiahuanaco is as much as 17,000 years old and has written a book, Tiahuanaco, the Cradle of American Man. How does he reach such an early date – apparently an alignment of standing stones are offset from what they should have been if the C14 date was correct. The tilt of the Earth, the obliqueness of the ecliptic, back-calculated, tends to suggest the alignment was made thousands of years ago – but how can this be? Stephen Smith at Thunderbolts points out that nearby Lake Titicaca was formerly at sea level at some point in the Holocene (long after 17,000 years ago). The history of Tiahuanaco might be bound up with the fate of Lake Titicaca, elevated by hundreds of metres and displaying evidence of a former shore line that is now tilted. This appears to be the clue – to the mystery of Lake Titicaca (but the history of Tiahuanaco might be somewhat different). A catastrophic shift in the axis of rotation is what appears to be intimated by the tilted shoreline – on a par with tilted shore lines on Swiss lakes dating several thousand years ago. Did anything like that happen as recently as 1700BC – very unlikely. A date around 6000BC might be more appropriate – so where does that leave this revision of the history of Tiahuanaco?

SIS Book Service has a couple of books for sale by Paul Dunbavin, who has written on a possible tilt of the Earth as late as 3200BC. A good book on the 6000BC event is that of Stephen Oppenheimer, Eden in the East, Weidenfeld and Nicolson:1998. 

Thunderbolts also have a DVD for sale from two lectures from a conference earlier this year on the 'Electric Universe' hypothesis – 1) Gerald Pollack, the Role of Water in the Electric Body, and 2) Robert Johnson, Plasma Behaviour in the Floating Water Bridge and Biology.

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