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The Yamal tree rings – caught fiddling?

9 May 2012
Climate change

For an overview of this important breaking news go to Bishop Hill (Andrew Montford) as he has written a 10 page erudite article that is well worth printing out and keeping as a reference tool to remind yourself of the kind of manipulation the Team at the heart of CAGW are prepared to do for the sake of keeping what they believe in alive and kicking and at the same time, suppressing what has really been going on in the natural world at large – see www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2012/5/9/the-yamal-deception.html. Andrew Montford is the author of The Hockey Stick Illusion, a book which has become a somewhat iconic account of trickery by the Team as uncovered by the diligent Steve McIntyre of Toronto. This latest piece of jiggery pokery and blind faith in the meme was also unstitched by the indefatigible Steve McIntyre. However, it is the sheer incompetence of it all that is most amazing – and the comical outcome. Its an amusing tale that is a good read as well as eye-opening and recommended to sceptics and luke warmers alike. The more obsessive CAGW types are unlikely to touch it with a barge pole which brings us to another comical situation. This time from Australia, where an academic of philosophy and ethics vigorously defended the CAGW meme with an astounding tirade of blanks and double blanks aimed at a playwright, one Richard Bean. He had the temerity of writing a play where the hero was a global warming sceptic. This heresy was staged in London and has now moved to Oz – hence the strangely shrill academic clown. He actually admits he knows nothing about the science behind CAGW – he just knows it is right. He knows all about ethics too – hence the expletives (see variously www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2012/5/9/fulmination-in-oz.html

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