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The Electric Moon

31 May 2012

At http://phys.org/print257617231.html .. we have 'Electric Moon jolts the solar wind' according to the headline – so electricity in space is now recognised as fact. It seems computer simulations and spacecraft observations have revealed the mystery of the Moon and how it interacts with the solar wind (see earlier post on this subject a week or two ago). It seems a Japanese, and a Chinese space mission as well as the Indian Chandrayaan mission have all seen ion plumes at low altitudes on the Moon – and NASA has seen both ion plumes and electron beams and newly identified electro-magnetic and electro-static waves in the plasma ahead of the Moon, in effect, a foreshock, a turbulent layer associated with the arrival of the solar wind. The research is described in six papers in Geophysical Research Letters and the Journal of Geophysical Resarch.

Meanwhile, at http://phys.org/print257609826.html … we learn volcanic super eruptions may blow more quickly than previously estimated. A touch of doomsaying is one of the side dishes. Perhaps they should look at electricity in space and how it might affect volcanoes and earthquakes.

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