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Baby, it’s cold outside

6 June 2012
Climate change

It may be the coldest June weekend for 80 + years as far as Sweden is concerned (see yesterday) but it's getting warmer on the propaganda side as we approach the Rio summit  – a rash of scare stories from the journals. They are blooming … you know, just like before the last summit. Was it Copenhagen or Acapulco. No, it was Durban. Nearly forgot that one as it was nearly off the radar. Just another sunny spot out of the ill winds of the climate chill – and all that water pouring out of the sky. This happened just days after you know who convened a meeting and proclaimed parts of the UK were officially in drought. We were told there had not been enough rain over the last couple of winters when Bang! Just like 1976 it has not stopped raining. In 1976 it rained for months after the drought was made official with the rubber stamp of parliament. My uncle used to tell me there were man made hills on the side of some Welsh mountains (where it always rains and drought is a week of fine weather). They were tipped off the side of lorries and dumped in convenient places, made of heaps of water pipes, the result of fiendishly clever plans to pipe rain water from the Land of Our Fathers to the Capital – but then it started raining. Just like 2012. It got wetter and wetter. And wetter and wetter. We enjoyed a couple of months of sunshine and then paid the price – an autumn and winter of ceaseless rainfall. We had a heat-wave in the spring of 2012 – when is the rain going to stop? The hills of pipes in Wales are now covered in grass and sprout hawthorn scrub, a symbol of a panic over 30 years ago – but today the politicians remain calm. They have foiled attempts by water companies to update their facilities and blocked plans for new reservoirs (at the same time shutting down out of date Victorian reservoirs) – courtesy of a Union rep and a water board insider (see http://eureferendum.com/results.aspx?keyword=reservoir)

Assuming that is true, and if it isn't it ain't no worse than the fodder we can read at www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/06/120606132308.htm where we are informed the world (not just the UK, mind) is fast approaching that dreaded tipping point – you could have fooled the plebs on that one. It's in the heads of them that matters and not them that don't. Scientists from around the world, we are told (oh no, the IPCC), is warning us all that population growth, over use of resources, and climate change is driving the Earth towards an irreversible change in the biosphere. You can laugh, I suppose, or shed a tear, but you know it's bunkum when they put it quite like that. It was also published in that well known comic Nature – so it must be right. The diagnosis is confirmed.

At www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/06/120606132420.htm it gets even worse – is that possible? This time the journal Oceanography informs the ill-informed that it is the melting ice in the Arctic that has caused all the cold weather we have been basking in for the last couple of winters. Melting ice in the Arctic Sea was to blame for Snowmageddon when somebody upstairs shovelled a lot of global warming white stuff out of his backyard, dropping it down mischievously on Washington DC just as the president was coming into land after the Copenhagen jamboree. So that is what happened – the ice melted and the snow fell out of the sky.

Try hard not to snook when you visit www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/06/120606164930.htm … the headline says it all, 'Today's Climate is more sensitive to carbon dioxide than in the past 12 million years' a discovery derived from the shells of phytoplankton in ocean bottom sediments. The Miocene and Pliocene eras are thought to have been much warmer than today – but co2 was not proportional to the supposed increase in global temperature. Therefore, as co2 is causing modern warming something else must be responsible for warming the Miocene and Pliocene – couldn't be a change in the position of the Poles? Couldn't be the possibility co2 does not cause the world to warm? What about the Roman and Medieval warm periods – was that co2 induced? Roman chariots kicking up a lot of dust rather than SUVs. All in all quite a bit different to the sort of thing that was discussed at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/06/06/noaas-national-climatic-data-cente… recently. In this it is suggested most of the modern warming is largely the result of data adjustments. It just keeps on getting cooler in the first half of the 20th century in order for the graph line to keep rising in the second half of the 20th century. Patiently obtained data from the field is now apparently unreliable – the models suggest it is warming so it must be warming and all those diligent temperature plotters of bygone generations just did not do their jobs properly – in the knowledge of CAGW forthcoming.

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