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13 June 2012

At www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-18423528 … archaeologists have discovered the remains of a large prehistoric building that appears to be Neolithic in concept – if not in date. A secure C14 date has not been established as yet so the story is somewhat premature especially as the reporter seems to be totally out of his depth, making  a series of clangers that are really elementary. The enthusiasm of youth is on this side, however, and what can be gleaned is that the building is 50 feet in length, resembles a giant long-house complex, and tree trunks instead of posts have been used in its foundations. However, the mention of the fact it was built on a prehistoric 'burnt mound' – assuming it is one composed of heated and cracked stones rather than a genuine burnt environment, tends to suggest the building belongs to the Bronze Age or more recently. Time will tell.

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