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‘whack jobs’ whispering in the ears of our noble leaders

5 July 2012
Climate change

Environmental lobbyists and Green whack jobs seem to have the ear of our politicians, a somewhat startling situation when you think about it. Why not other sections of society? What is so special about this group of busibodies, a minority that has come to have extraordinary influence over everyday affairs, from the price of electricity, the availability of jobs, almost every facet of our lives, yet most of them haven't lived long enough to get a proper job. Maybe, the same thing rings true with our noble leaders in their leather chairs wagging fingers over mostly nothing of any importance. Take the subject of water. Political policy dictates no new reservoirs are to be built but meanwhile water companies are decommissioning the older ones and in spite of three months of continuous downpours, over 21 flood alerts were issued just today, we are still supposed to be short of water – so much so that MPs now think it fit to compulsorily instal water meters. These are designed to cut down on water consumption – it is environmentally unfriendly to have a bath more often than once a fortnight, or that is where this is heading. Cutting over consumption, such as pulling the bathroom chain too often, is a favourite Green chanting mantra. Why are MPs so dull they allow themselves to be bamboozled and brainwashed by the nut jobs at some of the NGOs? It's a bigger mystery than dark matter. Where is the Higgs Boson in the Westminster pews?

At http://phys.org/print260552734.html … we are being told by the Green whackos there is a 'potential' food crisis awaiting the UK. I can believe that if the environmental lobbyists are allowed to continue having a say in the running of the country but in this instance, the doomsaying comes from a paper in a reputable journal. The Greens, we can be assured, would very much like to monitor what we put into our mouths – and restrict consumption according to their prejudices. In spite of no global warming for most of the 21st century they are telling us global warming is a real threat and it is actually happening. We might snigger behind their backs, blow a raspberry or two, tell them to pull the other leg, but these people are deadly serious – it is not at all funny. We might make a comparison with dark matter, as that has been brought up already. Nobody can see the stuff but we know it is there, is the stock explanation. The same brain affliction applies with global warming – we know the world is warming as our models tells us so. Even if it can't be found by monitoring the temperature it is 'really really really' happening – because we know.

Having said all that – what is your opinion of genetically modified food? The same environmentalists and NGOs that sceptics love to poke fun at appear to dislike 'frankenstein' food and genetically modified crops in fields near you. Are they akin to the Luddites, opposing the search for higher food production to feed a burgeoning world population? Well, EM Smith thinks they have a point – go to http://chiefio.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/gmo-tests-showing-bad-effects/ . The post includes a look at that favourite Green target, Monsanto. Smith doesn't like the idea of adding anti-biotics to plants and points to an article that claims it has detrimental effects (at www.sott.net/articles/show/238873-The-Hidden_Epidemic-Destroying-Your-Gu… … where it says beneficial gut bacteria are being killed in animals as a result of consuming genetically modified animal feedstuff, and goes so far as to blame it for outbreaks of cattle botulism – which may or may not be true. It's strong stuff. Food for thought, as they say.

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