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Paisley Caves in Oregon

16 July 2012

To begin with, George Howard has set up a series of You Tube videos on his web site that will interest catastrophists in general. They are mostly to do with the Younger Dryas boundary event – with some panel discussion at different conferences – see www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL28A35F70BD8CA0A8&feature=plcp and http://cosmictusk.com/now-showing-tusk-tv/

At www.geneticarchaeology.com/research/Paisley_Caves_yield_13000-year_old_W… … although I provided the link a couple of days ago to this article it is worth pointing out that University of Oregon anthropologist Luther Cressman said he found evidence of Pleistocene occupation there – as long ago as 1938-40. He was of course accused of 'bad archaeology' at the time as it went against the consensus view that Clovis first was fact – people using Clovis tool technology were the first people to cross the Bering Straits and enter N America. This meant the latest excavation in the cave by a group of archaeologists, from the same university, had to be very meticulous – as they had in mind all the hassle thrown against Cressman. At the moment they are not saying humans were there during the Ice Age – but they were in occupation of the cave during the Pleistocene, just before the Younger Dryas event. Lots of information yet to come from the caves. The article was published in Science journal July 13th. Cressman has therefore been vindicated – and the reputation of the university. However, that won't stop the same thing happening to somebody else – it appears to be rife in science, of all persuasions. Too many people bloviate and support the consensus models at any price. New ideas are treated as blasphemous and it is time science journalists started to exercise their remit, questioning the dribbling words too often manufactured for their ears. 

There is now the possibility of a major catastrophe in the Eocene – see www.somosbacteriasyvirus.com/cooling.pdf

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