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Ozone holiness

29 July 2012

At http://phys.org/print262538410.html … its ozone loss that is frightening some scientists it seems, according to a paper in the journal Science (July 27th 2012) – but where have we heard all this before? There is, apparently, we are told, a link between climate change and ozone depletion – and the latter implies more damaging ultra-violet radiation reaching the surface of the Earth. This, it is proclaimed loudly, causes skin cancer while water vapour injected into the stratosphere by thunderstorms converts 'stable' chlorine and bromine into free radicals. These are 'capable' of transforming ozone molecules into oxygen. The researchers later admit they don't know what is going to happen – but they do not admit they have been paid handsomely to present a doomsaying message. The Sun and the solar wind are not mentioned in the abstract.

This brings us round to http://phys.org/print262508679.html … apparently, ozone holiness has caused a steep increase in deaths among marine animals and plants. This dodgy tale can be read at Global Ecology and Biogeography. Later, we learn it is just a 'possible' cause – but the doomsaying must come first and the meat must follow. What gives the game away is when they claim the Montreal protocol was responsible for fixing the ozone hole that was all the hype some 20 years or so ago – as if humans could be so effective. We do know the Chinese had factories producing chlorfourocarbons just so they could reclaim the subsidy money from the UN, a sort of feasting event on taxpayer loot lifted from the pockets of ordinary people in the West. The fact they claim Greens saved the world is what keeps them happy I suppose but it was found that it is the solar wind produced by CMEs  on the Sun that makes the ozone disperse from the Poles – mainly a process of thinning rather than an actual hole. This doesn't seem to stop the gravy train though as at http://phys.org/print262861166.html …. as ozone depletion crops up in a paper in the Journal of Chemical Physics. The blurb claims the battleground between ozone and human made chloroflourocarbons, or CFCs, is within Polar Stratsopheric Clouds and the research is about what might cause these to form – from ice particles. It is hoped the research will tell us more about ozone depletion in the process.

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