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physics and consensus paradigms

15 September 2012

At http://phys.org/print266649953.html … research has found too many taus decay from bottom quarks to fit the Standard Model (of the universe). It also indicates problems with super symmetry theory as well. To explain this it is being suggested another kind of Higgs Boson is required – yet super symmetry is already thinking in terms of 4 types of Higgs Boson and research at CERN is still trying to prove that what was observed earlier this year was in fact an actual Higgs Boson.

At http://phys.org/print266647126.html … we are told, dark energy is real, and at http://phys.org/print266744033.html … the Large Hadron Collider collided protons with lead ions for the first time in an experimental run, a taste of proton-nucleus collisions that will begin in earnest early next year.

At Tall Bloke's Talk Shop, http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/whimsical-wimps-disappear-from… … there is a post on new research aimed at the spherical haze of radiation at the heart of our galaxy. The Planck space telescope confirmed the presence of the haze but it appears to be elongated which is said to cast doubt over previous explanations for its origins – namely that ii is produced by anihilating dark matter particles. The same subject pops up in the latest Thunderbolt email post, of September 16th 2012, where it says researchers working with data from Planck have detected an intense form of radiation called synchrotron radiation from the centre of the galaxy requiring an acceleration of charged particles to energies never imagined in the consensus. It was concluded colliding particles of dark matter were responsible but Hannes Alfven predicted a similar kind of radiation over 60 years ago – as having an electrical origin.

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