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Objects from Space

30 September 2012

At http://blogs.nature.com/news/2012/09/buddhist-iron-man-found-by-nazis-is… … is all about a 24cm high sculpture thought to be the god Vasravana that was made out of a meteorite. The meteorite in question is said to be one that fell on northern Russia, where it abuts the edge of Mongolia, and dated 10 to 20,000 years ago. This was the Chinga meteorite and it seems a bit of it ended up in Buddhist Tibet. A paper in Meteoritics and Planetary Science says it is made of iron, nickel, cobalt and other trace elements, a geochemistry that is said to fit with Chinga. It was probably made in a lost wax mold as a casting (smelted meteoric iron poured into a mold dispacing the wax figurine, hence the amount of detail). However, one commenter disputes the identification of the figure with a god and suggests it is a representation of a Tibetan lama, one of renown,

Sticking to objects from outer space it seems some Scots scientists have had a brainwave. They have suggested creating a giant dust cloud in space in order to combat global warming – involving the dragging of an asteroid within the vicinity of the orbit of the Earth. Sounds a bit dangerous, possibly even a spoof, but the story has gone haywire on the blogosphere – see for example www.livescience.com/23553-asteroid-dust-geoenineering-global-warming.html . Mind you, we might find out if dust from the hypothetical Clube and Napier comets theory really could send the Earth into a very cold narrow growth ring event and set in a motion a version of the Younger Dryas Event.

PS … this is meant to refer to the Napier paper on the Younger Dryas event and not to an impact.

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