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John Eddy

2 October 2012

William Thompson, SIS member, in an email of February 2012, said he was at the University of Colorado at the same time as John Eddy was teaching, and researching, and I did a post way back then as he had recently died, the link provided by William. It was Eddy that made popular the idea that the Sun was a variable star and low sun spot activity coincided with cool temperatures. This work has recently popped up on a post at Steve McIntyre's blog www.climateaudit.org/2012/09/30/more-on-the-iconography-of-ippc-1990-fig… … I spent far too much time reading through the comments, and there are lots of them to read and they are laid out like an investigation as various contributors root around for facts and figures. In the process John Eddy's name comes up (and Steve promises to get back to Eddy over the next couple of days in a follow-up posting) the goal of which is to find where the graph of 1990 originated – as it clearly shows the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age (and the Team were not too happy with it once the Hockey Stick had been published). McIntyre had assumed it was a graph of Hubert Lamb, taken from one of his books, but there are differences and a number of other people are explored before Eddy is mentioned, and another commenter even thinks the graph was copied in long hand rather than photo copied or digitised. One commenter, Sue, provides a link where John Eddy is interviewed on his life as a scientist – and he appears to be a true inter-disciplinarian – go to www.aip.org/history/climate/eddy_int.htm

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