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Another dating anomaly of around 150 years

4 November 2012

The newchronology [at] yahoogroups [dot] com forum on the 'New Chronology' as developed by David Rohl, former SIS member, in his several books, such as Legend, and A Test of Time etc., has a post by Bob Porter, SIS member, quoting Near Eastern Archaeology 73 (2010) and 74 (2011). He has noted a possible dating anomaly of around 150 to 200 years at Beirut (firstly) and Dor (secondly), and suggests it can be remedied by down-dating the end of Iron IIC into the 5th century BC, thereby closing what would amount to a blank period in the 6th century BC. The dating anomaly is not based on C14 methodology but on pottery styles and the fact that there is a 5th century Greek link to the strata below Iron IIC, the date of the divide as suggested by articles in the above journal being 450BC.

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