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The Biggie

2 December 2012

This is the black hole that has grown legs and has even got into the vocabulary of comedians, propping up a succession of gags – see www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2012/11/colossal-black-hole-equal-to-17-bi… … where there is a nice image from space with lots of orange and yellow flaring. It is so big it doesn't fit the consensus model of galaxy evolution – not by a long shot. Unfortunately, others have recently been found that are equally out of kilter with the consensus. The problem appears to be that people are looking at these flares and imagining that what they are looking at is a super massive black hole chomping away on whatever material chances on the vicinity of the 'thing' – and in this instance, it comprises 14 per cent of the total mass of the galaxy within which it is located. This is a mass much larger than model predictions have projected so it means some people have got some explaining to do – and somebody, no doubt, will expand the model to accommodate the biggie chompers.

Problem here has arison as the black hole hypothesis was given birth when astronomers could not see any where near the depth of space or the number of galaxies that are currently in view. The detail of modern space cameras is many degrees superior. The hypothesis became embedded in the consensus one suspects, because of its schoolboy like charm – monsters gulping down matter in the far reaches of space.

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