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Some anomalies with Plate Tectonics theory, we are led to believe

5 December 2012

This comes from an unusual site that is linked to George Howard's Cosmic Tusk site and appears to be into Atlantis and various forms of catastrophism outside mainstream. As such, its reliability should not be accepted without cross checking but it picks up on David Pratt's anti-Plate Tectonics theory (which even pops up on the Thunderbolts forum). Therefore, I have no reason to ignore what it says – see http://frontiers-of-anthropology.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/mid-atlantic-une… … the unexpected bit is the claim that the magma chamber in the Mid Atlantic ridge is virtually depleted, which is a bit of an eye opener as this is the prime region where the expansion of the ocean floor is supposed to be happening. It is a bit of an eye opener all round and has some nice maps and images. The bottom of the Atlantic Ocean doesn't seem to conform to Plate Tectonics, it is alleged, and has rocks and sediments that are continental in nature rather than having an origin in magma seeping out of the Mid Atlantic ridge, and other rocks that seem too old to have a connection with the young sea floor that is supposed to exist at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Young rock does make up most of the sea floor – this is not denied. It is however somewhat scattered, it is alleged, with crumbs of older rocks. These can be quite substantial, as island platforms for exampel , or submerged mini continents. This of course is all bound up in the Atlantis story and probably where most of us might walk away. However, a major realignment of sea levels at the end of the Ice Age, bound up with a hypothetical pole shift event, could have drowned some of these mini continents we might suppose. Other geologists have apparently suggested the floor of the Atlantic has actually sunk.

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