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Chalcolithic Spain and Portugal

6 December 2012

At www.minoanatlantis.com/Minoan_Spain.php … the authors are suggesting Iberia was colonised by Early Minoans – by which I suppose they mean by people from the Aegean region. They were, it is alleged, seeking out metals and minerals to use in alloys. This is thought to have begun in the 4th millennium BC – which is prior to Early Minoan culture on Crete or in the Cyclades, or Early Helladic in Greece – but contemporary with the Vinca culture found in the Balkans. Hence, we are in the realm of guesswork and intuition although it is possible people from the central Mediterranean regions colonised Malta and then SE Spain. For a wider view of expansion out of Anatolia, or how it is currently thought to have developed, go to http://frontiers-of-anthropology.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/review-early-min… … but there is a lot more unknown about this than the author acknowledges. Los Millares was initially contemporary with the Vinca culture and continued into the 3rd millennium BC, disappearing around 2200BC contemporary with the collapse of Akkad in Sumeria, and the abandonment and depopulation of Malta (and its temple culture).

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