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Fossils that challenge the evolutionary tree of life

14 December 2012

Whether it does challenge the evolutionary tree of life or not remains to be seen – that might be just hype. At www.cosmosmagazine.com/news/6264/fossil-find-challenges-tree-life … what was thought to be marine animals such as jellyfish turns out to be fungal or algal or perhaps even bacterium … and living on land rather than in the sea. The fossil study is not universally welcome, however ….

while over at www.universetoday.com/92375/new-research-casts-doubt-on-the-late-heavy-b… … was the early solar system bombarded by lots of big impacts, an idea that came to be accepted after the Apollo 17 mission which brought back rock samples from the moon. This is known as the Late Heavy Bombardment – but new research is casting doubt on those rock samples and what they might be telling us

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