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18 December 2012

At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2012/12/09/x-jets/ … here is the EU perspective on the X Ray jets emitted by the monster black hole.

Elsewhere, at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2012/12/14/martian-volcanic-plates/ … we are into Plate Tectonics and volcanoes on Mars. According to Wal Thornhill the so called Olympus Mons, 25 km high, is a giant raised electric blister with characteristic circular craters at the summit, the kind of blisters seen on metal lightning arrester caps following a strike. If electric currents gouged out landforms on Mars, as claimed, might something similar happen on Earth? Is the consensus theory of Plate Tectonics and its relationship to volcanism as likely as textbooks would assure us? Or is it an ad hoc idea that has never been proved and might it now have passed its sell by date?

There are a number of oddities thrown up in the Plate Tectonics debate – even the fit between the Americas and Europe/ Africa has been questioned, mainly as it doesn't seem to take into account continental shelf systems, in both regions. Expanding Earth enthusiasts have used this as a criticism of Plate Tectonics, and there are lots of other anomalies where the consensus theory doesn't appear to fit the facts on the ground. Has the Electric Universe hypothesis a convincing explanation?

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