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Unsustainable Green Energy

20 December 2012
Climate change

At www.ref.org.uk/index.php (and variously www.ref.org.uk/press-releases/281-wearntearnhitsnwindnfarmnoutputneconom… or www.ref.org.uk/publications/280-analysis-of-wind-farm-performance-in-uk-… … we learn the wind turbines have a very short life – between 10 and 15 years. After that they are economically useless – and this is only a review of onshore wind farms in the UK and Denmark. Offshore wind turbines are even more difficult to maintain – more costly all round to operate and therefore even more economically unsustainable. Note the word unsustainable – as in non-environmentally friendly. The only answer to the economic frailty is to fiddle with the subsidies – see also www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2012/12/20/wind-worn.html

Professor Gordon Hughes of the University of Edinburgh is the author of the study and claims to have no political afiliations. Investors in wind farms are likely to be disappointed in the long term, he suggests. Even more so if the subsidies are reduced.

At http://notrickszone.com/2012/12/19/new-german-film-blasts-green-climate-… … which must engender another big Wow in response. Somebody has made a film illustrating the environmental crimes perpetrated in the name of climate protection – and the list is long and the images are the kind of thing Greenpeace would be proud of producing – but aren't. In this film, the CAGW activists are on the wrong side of the divide. It is the Green movement that is responsible for disappearing rainforests, the drowning of vast swathes of the landscape, the mass killings of wildlife, faunal as well as flora, and we all know about the orang utans and their dreadful genocide. The producer is not a CAGW sceptic. Not at all. He is a committed environmentalist, and a man on a mission, shocked by what he has encountered. He is primarily concerned that green energy such as hydro, biodiesel and biogas are crimes against nature, accelerating the destruction of unique eco-systems, rare species, and those people (tribal) that have learned to live in ambience with nature. Basically, he thinks, so far, the Green movement has been a total environmental disaster – and he is only looking at a sample of the kind of things advocated by them, mainly the cuddly bits. Lots more bad smells around.

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