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It was just a ‘cold’ medieval warm period

28 December 2012
Climate change

I noticed this at www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-20795347 … In a look back at 2012 archaeology we read that the beer loving Vikings that settled on Greenland in the medieval era grew barley – in spite of the cold climate. Well, it was the Medieval Warm Period and the Vikings had farms on Greenland where ice now prevails. Why didn't the BBC wallahs make the connection – it was warm in the 11th century AD. Apparently, BBC policy cannot admit of this and so it was cold – yet the farmers still grew barley. 

The look back also revisited the 1258AD story and the mass grave at Spitalfields. It had a lot of similarities with plague burials of the 14th century – yet is said to have dated somewhat earlier, in 1258, and was the result of a volcano – somewhere. There is something missing from this story – and not just the volcano.

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