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Solar activity and high magnitude earthquakes

4 January 2013

Robert Farrar sent in this link to the Journal of the New Concepts in Global Tectonics – go to www.ncgt.org and click on 'issues' and then click on 'issue 65' (December 2012). You can convert the file to PDF format but you will find there are over 154 pages to the journal, a formidable printing project. Simply press the pdf to print button, click on pages (delete 1-154 and convert to 6-34) and you will have a print out of three excellent articles on solar activity and hypothetical connections to earthquake activity. I have not as yet explored any of the other issues but the three articles were especially of relevance to anyone interested in the Electric Universe hypothesis, or plasma in near space, or simply what might cause earthquakes to happen. Piers Corbyn has done some exploratory work on luni-solar connectionw with earthquakes, at www.weatheraction.com, but these are actual serious papers that discuss a wide range of issues. The journal is open to anybody to acccess and relies on voluntary donations.

1) Stephen Reynolds, Solar Activity Linked to High Magnitude Earthquakes … strong solar activity appears to trigger high magnitude earthquakes if recent observations are to be taken seriously. Magnetometer data from satellites between 2001 and 2011 seem to show earthquakes cluster where there is high solar activity. Fault lines may be fed by increased electrical energy in a similar way to geomagnetic induced currents. Ground based data from the High Frequency Active Auroral Research programme in Alaska backed up the hypothesis … and so on.

2) David McMinn, 9/56 year cycles: 18th and 19th century world earthquakes … concerns a cycle McMinn has picked up, 9/56 years, affecting the timing of earthquakes in various countries and regions. The 9/56 cycle is a grid with 9 year intervals on the horizontal (the sub cycle) and 56 year intervals on the vertical (sequences).

3) Valentino Straser, Can IMF and the electromagnetic coupling between the Sun and the Earth cause potentially destructive earthquakes? … is once again trends detected by satellites and the possibility of Flux Transfer Events. According to the hypothesis, electro magnetic coupling may be able to alter the balance present in rocks under tectonic stress and cause earthquakes.

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