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The Jurassic Climate

10 January 2013

At http://phys.org/print276852542.html …. comment on a paper in the journal Paleobiology is somewhat interesting as it seems to contradict some basic consensus science. This is that during the Dinosaur Age the Earth was much warmer than it is today – some geologists even pointing to the Jurassic era as a past example of global warming and how it affected the planet. This is mainly due to the fact it was notably warmer at the Poles – or the geographical Poles as they are now. It turns out this might all be due to Eurocentric research and a Eurocentric view of the past as the study found it was certainly warmer in North America and Western Europe but the climate somewhat differed in central Africa – it was a desert. In other words it was not a tropical environment as it is nowadays. Of course, all this can be explained by continental drift but modern Plate Tectonics would rather play the global warming drum roll. The deserts of the world have two distinct belts, in the southern and the northern hemisphere, and therefore the evidence would seem to imply, if taken at face value rather than by theory, the regional semi tropical, tropical, and desert regions were repositioned – but can this be entirely explained by the movement of the land masses over geological time?

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