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Hittites United

18 January 2013

The 'Hittites United' is a paper presented by John Crowe to an archaeological conference at Cambridge University on January 5th 2013 – see http://troy.kriskemist.com/supporting-papers/the-hitties-united .. and is based on Barry Curnock's unpublished Hittite revision. It is the idea the Empire Hittites of the second half of the 2nd millennium BC were the same people in time and space as the Neo Hittites of the first half of the first millennium BC. The former is dated by Egyptian chronology and the latter are known from Assyrian references. The full paper can be downloaded by a simple click at http://troy.kriskemist.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Hittites-21_12_201…

At http://troy.kriskemist.com/supporting-papers/the-luce-canon … is a longer piece and commentary on JV Luce (1998) concerning Homer's landscape as well as commentary on Robert Bittlestone's book, 'Odysseus Unfound' (2005) which placed the geography elsewhere. Hisarlik, we are informed, was not Troy but a coastal fortress, which is contray to Homer who said Troy could not be seen from the Greek ships lying offshore.

At http://troy.kriskemist.com/supporting-papers/composite-theories-of-the-t… … is a nice description of the various themes and lines of research in his book, The Troy Deception, concerning the location of the Homeric Plain of Troy which he says was located below Bergama in the valley of the Bakir Cayi. Troy and Ilios, he says, were two separate but adjacent walled cities as made clear in the Iliad (blegen, 1963) and mirrored in Hittite texts. The Iliad and The Odyssey were compiled in Athens.

At http://troy.kriskemist.com/supporting-papers/blow-for-troy … is one more signpost from the poet of the Iliad and concerns Achilles decamation of the Trojans that left behind a mass of bodies in the river approaching Troy and earned the fury of Xanthes the river god who raised a flood of water. This was countered by Hephaistos, bringing fire to dry up the river, and by Hera, bringing wind to fan the flames.

All four papers can be accessed at John Crowe's web site www.thetroydeception.com together with a synopsis of his book(s) which is recommended reading for all members, in particular revisionists of various persuasion. The research is ongoing and hopefully will gel with the researches of Barry Curnock as they appear in the pages of SIS journals.

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